It is easy for rumors and misinformation about the Chief Officers Association to spread quickly. We are committed to responding to rumors and providing accurate information from reliable sources. IT’S TIME TO STOP SPREADING RUMORS!

Do your part to stop the spread of rumors by taking three easy steps

Step 1: Find trusted sources (get it from the horse’s mouth if possible)

Step 2: Share the information from the trusted source

Step 3: Discourage others from spreading disinformation from unverified sources (ask them to fact-check)

Rumors that have been FACT CHECKED by the C.O.A.

Rumors as of 4-19-2023

The following rumors were discussed during a Zoom Meeting with Chief Pena and COA members on 4-14-2023

Rumors as of 12-6-2022

The following rumors were discussed in person on December 5, 2022

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