Bryan Sky-Eagle JD, MPA, CFO

President/Director 1

Bryan Sky-Eagle is a Deputy Chief in the Houston Fire Department currently serving the Shift-Commander for the B-shift that oversees 850 uniformed personnel. Bryan strongly advocates for administrative due process, professional development, and operational safety. He currently represents the COA on grievances, and discipline appeals. Chief Sky-Eagle has extensive experience in large-scale incidents, served as Area Commander for past natural disasters, and is known for his professionalism during special city-wide events. He has previously served in ARFF and Homeland Security and is an active member of the department’s Incident Management Teams.

Isaac Garcia

Vice President / Director 2

Robert Garcia (Isaac) has been a public safety servant for over 30 years and is currently serving in the position of Deputy Chief-South Division A shift.  He is known by his peers as a person dedicated to the department and the citizens of Houston. He has served in every classified suppression rank and several administrative positions, specifically as the Administrative Staffing Chief and the Executive Assistant Chief of Emergency Response. 

Isaac attended the University of Houston Downtown, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science Degree-BAAS in Applied Administration and Leadership. Currently, he is serving as the Vice President of the Houston Fire Department Chief Officer Association and is serving as the Chairman of the Legislative Committee. Isaac is also serving as the liaison to the UHD-APAL Program.  His main focus at this point in his career is to help strengthen the organization and make it more resilient for future challenges. 

Gregory Politte

Secretary / Director 3

“If they stand behind you, Protect them. If they stand beside you, Respect them. If they stand against you, Defeat them’……”By any means necessary.”

Gregory S. Politte has been a part of the Houston Fire Department since November 1998. Before devoting his lifelong career to HFD, he was a decorated soldier/Staff Sergeant in the US Army with 9 years of service to the Country. Within that time Politte served 3 hardship tours of duty abroad, which included a Tour of duty to Africa and (2) Tours of duty to Bosnia. Upon returning, he completed the VJTF Training Academy and, within 20 years, obtained the Rank of District Chief assigned to the Emergency Medical Service Division. Politte is currently serving as the President of the Houston Black Firefighters Association Inc… He has devoted his work to building bridges between labor and management and serving the communities through food, toys, and natural disaster donation drives.
Politte’s certification background in the fire service:
·         Fire Service Chief Executive Officer (Texas A&M University)
·         Texas Commission on Fire Protection Fire Officer IV
·         Texas Commission on Fire Protection Master Firefighter
·         Texas Commission on Fire Protection Hazardous Material Technician
·         Texas Commission on Fire Protection Hazardous Material Incident Commander
·         Texas Commission on Fire Protection Aircraft Rescue Firefighter
·         National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic)

Byron Robinson

Treasurer / Director 4

Byron Robinson is a Chief Inspector with the Life Safety Bureau/Fire Prevention Division of the Houston Fire Department and currently serves as the Chief Inspector directing the High-rise Fire & Life Safety Team responsible for code enforcement in High-rise and Mid-rise Atrium buildings.

He is a 26-year veteran of the department with a bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and currently serves as the Treasurer and web designer for the Chief Officers Association.

Chief Robinson advocates for the Fire Prevention Division and practices building relationships with other divisions within the department to have a more cohesive department on all fronts. Chief Robinson is currently working with a Task Force with Building Code Officials in reviewing the fire and building codes to ensure the codes harmonize to provide Firefighters and the Citizens of Houston with the best possible structures and life safety.

Eric Abbt

Health & Safety Committee / Director 5

J. Eric Abbt is a District Chief at Fire Station 28-B, one of Houston’s busiest stations. Eric is a 40-year student of fire and safety operations, a 30-year veteran of HFD, and a Sum Cum Laude graduate at Columbia Southern University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fire Science. Chief Abbt holds a Master’s Certification from TCFP for Firefighter and Instructor, as well as numerous fire and rescue certifications and memberships in Fire and Safety organizations throughout the US and Canada. Chief Abbt serves as Director 5 of the COA and was appointed as Chairman of the Advisory Committee and the Health & Safety Committee.

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