Attention Members on the DROP Plan

The COA is organizing a fundraiser to research the legal options to change the DROP

Why we are raising funds?

Several members of The Houston Fire Department Chief Officers Association were knocking on the door to retirement. They entered the DROP thinking they would be safe from shenanigans the City was playing with the Pension. We all played by the rules, signed the agreement with the Pension, and were expecting that they would keep their written word. We are raising funds to pay a firm to investigate if the Pension Board indirectly breached the signed agreement with its members.

We need your help to raise funds. If you or a family member has been affected by the Pension’s decisions, we encourage you to donate to the cause. It is time to investigate the situation, but we can not do it with our membership alone. We do not have the numbers. The City and Our Pension have funds and voices to spin what we only want to investigate, but we do not have the funds to investigate.

The Goal is $10,000 to Start

$100 from 100 people

Choose an amount

Please donate today to help us take action.

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