About Us

The Houston Fire Department has over 950 officer-level employees who are managing the morale of the largest fire department in Texas with over 4,000 department personnel. Our goal for this website is to provide relevant and current information to our current and prospective members and offer links to other websites for the latest information on educational opportunities, leadership development, strategy and tactics, and other areas of interest.


The HFD COA mission is to serve the people of Houston, Texas by promoting and advancing opportunities for leadership, education, training, positive legislative involvement, and sharing information while upholding the highest professional standards in serving the community.



We promote fire service education and training for our members and the public.  We achieve this by partnering with companies that support leadership in the fire service.  We also strive to educate the public about fire safety through local efforts and partnerships with other Texas fire agencies.

Share Information

Through the HFD COA, Officers have the opportunity to share ideas and deliberate solutions to the many challenges we face.  We do this by engaging in Zoom meetings, through email correspondence, attending annual conferences, and by professional contacts and friendships that are forged through our association.


We endeavor to be the leading voice on issues that affect the Houston Fire Service and the citizens of Houston and the State of Texas regarding fire safety and health.  We advocate our position by working with many firefighter organizations and agencies to promote issues concerning health and safety, fire codes, and standards for the public to help provide a safe place to live and work while reducing the loss of life from fires, disasters, and emergency medical and non-fire emergencies.


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  • Health & Safety
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  • Grievances
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